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 Abelia          Graceful arching branches, bronzy new growth and delicate bell-shaped flowers during the summer and fall.   Evg./Dec. ALS - 4'T x 4'W.                                                         
AucubaUpright plant with large, green or variegated leaves. Will not tolerate sun. Evg. ALS - 4'T x 3'W.
BananaFast growing plant for tropical landscapes. Evg./Dec. ALS - 8'T x 8'W.
Blue Italian CypressConical cypress with very short branches that form a dense narrow column. The stout branchlets have outstanding dark, grayish, grayish blue-green scale-like leaves. Evg. ALS - 3-'T x 3'W.
Blue Point JuniperA medium sized shrub with a pyramidal growth habit and extremely dense branching. Beautiful blue-green needle-like foliage. Evg. ALS 10'T x 6'W.
Bottle BrushSpectacular crimison-red bottlebrush-like flowers bloom sporadically throughout the year above dark green leaves. Evg. ALS - 8'T x 5'W.
BoxwoodCompact growing popular shrub. Bright green leaves change to bronze in winter. Evg. ALS - with pruning 2'T x 2'W; without pruning 6'T x 4'W.
Burford HollyBushy evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leathery leaves and bright red berries in fall. Excellent hedge or specimen plant. Evg. ALS - 6'T x 5'W.
CamelliaThere are two major categories of Camellias, Camellia Sasanqua and Camellia Japonica. Camellia Sasanqua have similar leaves than Camellia Japonica. Sasanquas bear clusters of smaller flowers in late fall and early winter. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 3'W.
Carissa HollyAn outstanding dwarf, dense growing shrub. The leaves are dark glossy green with one spine at the tip. Evg. ALS - 3'T x 3'W.
Cast Iron Plant -AspidistraAn evergreen perennial with lance-shaped, glossy, dark green leaves. Erect, broadly bell-shaped cream flowers with maroon inside bloom early summer. Evg. ALS - 2'T x 3'W,
Cleyera JaponicaRounded upright shrub with dark glossy foliage. New growth is bronze-red. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 4'W
Crape MyrtleThe lilac of the south. Small ornamental tree, beautiful flowers all summer long. Choose form colors of red, rose, pink, purple or white. Dec. ALS - 25'T x 15'W.
Crimson Pygmy BarberrySmall growing compact shrub with bronzy blood red foliage. Needs min. minimum maintenance.
Dw Chinese HollyCompact low growing shrub with a rounding growing habit. Requires acid soil. Evg. ALS - 3'T x 2'W.
Dw GardeniaSmall growing shrub with glossy green leaves and small white intensely fragrant flowers in spring. Evg. ALS - 1'T x 2'W.
Dw NandinaSmall rounded plant known for its brilliant winter color. Evg./Dec. ALS - 2'T x 2'W.

Dwarf PittosporumLow growing dense mounding shrub with beautiful glossy green foliage. Evg. ALS - 2'T x 4'W.
Dw Yaupon HollyLow spreading, compact growing shrub excellent for low hedges or borders. Does not produce berries. Evg. ALS - 2'T x 3'W.
EleagnusFast growing upright spreading shrub with beautiful silvery green foliage. Tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Fragrant flowers and edible fruit. Evg. ALS - 6'T x 4'W.
Firecracker PlantA edacious, branching shrub bearing a profusion of tubular. Firecracker-red flowers from spring to fall amid mid-green leaves and stems. Dec. ALS - 3'T x 3'W.
Garden HydrangeaSmall rounded shrubs grown for their long-lasting flowers; pink in alkine soils, blue in acid soils. Blooms in early summer. Dec. ALS - 4'T x 4'W.
GardeniaRounded shrubs noted for their beautiful foliage and large fragrant white flowers in summer. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 5'W.
Gold Star EsperanzaA splashy, everblooming tropical shrub or small tree bearing gorgeous golden-yellow, trumpet shaped flowers. Evg. ALS - 4'Tx 3'W.
Hollywood Juniper

Upright growing shrub with rich green foliage and a beautiful twisted, irregular appearance. Evg. ALS - 15'T x 15'W.
Indian HawthornSpreading dense growing shrubs with glossy leathery leaves and beautiful white spring flowers. ALS - 2'T x 3'W to 10'T x 10'W.
Japanese AraliaA spreading, rounded tropical-looking evergreen shrub with thick stems and lustrous, dark green leaves. Prefers moist organic soil. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 4'W.
Japanese YewUpright shrub with dark green narrow leaves. Evg. ALS - 10'T x 3'W.

Lady Banks RoseA vigorous-growing climber with long, slender, smooth stems and small green leaves. Clusters of miniature yellow double blooms emerge late spring. White flowering variety available. Evg. ALS - 15'T x 10'W.
LoropetalumA bushy evergreen with lustrous, dark green to burgundy leaves throughout the season. Sweetly scented spider like pink flowers bloom in spring. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 4'W.