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Mock Orange      Large shrub noted for its fragrant white spring flowers. Dec. ALS - 6'T x 4'W.                                                                        
NandinaUpright plants with lightly branched, cane-like stems and delicate foliage that turns brilliant shades of red, orange, purple and yellow in fall. Clusters of beautiful bright red berries in winter. Evg./Dec. ALS - 6'T x 3'W.
Nellie R. Stevens HollyFast growing large shrub with dark green glossy leaves. Also used as a small tree. Evg. ALS - 10'T x 5'W.
Night Blooming JasmineRich clouds of perfume permeate the air after dusk for hundreds of yards around. The tubular green flowers are followed by white berries. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 3'W.
OleanderFast growing flowering shrubs, white, yellow, pink, salmon and red. Blooms summer through fall. Tolerates poor soil, heat, drought, and sea spray. ALS - 4'T x 3'W to 20'T to 10'W.
Pampas GrassFast growing clump forming ornamental grass. Produces large showy white flower plumes in late summer that lasts for months. Flowers can be cut and dried. Tolerates poor soil, heat, and drought. ALS - 6'T x 6'W.
PittosporumFast growing spreading shrubs with glossy foliage and dense growth habit. Clusters of creamy white flowers in spring.  ALS - 8'T x 8'W.
Variegated PittosporumA large shrub usually rounded and dense with erect sturdy stems. Large clusters of very fragrant white flowers that smell like citrus blossoms bloom in spring amid a combination of light green and white leathery leaves. Evg. ALS - 6'T x 4'W.
Privet, VarigatedFast growing shrub with variegated foliage.  ALS - 8'T x 6'W
Red Tip PhotiniaFast growing shrub valued for its spectacular brilliant red new growth in the spring. White flowers in late spring. Evg. ALS - 15'T x 10'W.
Red YuccaClimbing yucca-like plant with narrow, sword-like leaves. Long lasting spikes of pink to rose red flowers in summer. Very heat and drought tolerant. Evg. ALS - 4'T x 3'W with flower stalks reaching 4-6' tall.
Rose of SharonTall upright growing shrub with beautiful flowers in summer. Many colors including shades of white, pink, lavender and red in both single and double types. Dec. ALS - 15'T x 10'W.                                                       
Sandankwa ViburnumLarge rounded shrub with leathery leaves and fragrant white flowers in spring. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 5'W.
Sea Green JuniperCompact spreading shrub with arching, fountain-like habit. Evg. ALS - 4'T x 4'W.

Soft-Tip YuccaA large growing multi-trunked yucca with soft leaf points. Good green colors. Evg. ALS - 10'T x 8'W.
SpireaPopular flowering shrubs that vary in form, height and flowering season. All show white, pink or red flowers in spring or summer. Dec. ALS - 2'T x 2'W. to 6'T x 5'W.
Sweet OliveA vigorous upright shrub or small tree with leathery glossy green leaves. The fragrant, white tubular flowers bloom from fall to spring exuding a blend of Jasmine, Gardenia and ripe apricots. The flowers are usually followed by blue-black fruit. Evg. ALS - 10'T x 4'W.
Sweet ViburnumLarge shrub with leathery, glossy dark green leaves and fragrant white spring flowers.  ALS - 10'T x 8'W.
Texas Mountain LaurelAn evergreen tree with elegant, pinnate leaves and a native of Texas and New Mexico. Fragrant, sweetpea like violet-blue flowers bloom in spring, followed by bright red seeds Evg. ALS - 20'T x 15'W.
Texas SageRounded shrub with beautiful silvery foliage. Beautiful orchid-lavender bell-shaped flowers. Tolerates heat and poor soil. Evg./Dec. ALS - 6'T x 4'W.
Variegated GingerA robust, upright plant. Pale green flowers bloom in summer from green, pink-tinged bracts. Evg. ALS - 3'T x 3'W.
ViburnumBeautiful shrubs with various leaf and flower forms. Blooms in spring. Evg./Dec. ALS - depend on variety selected. 

Waxleaf LigustrumA compact, upright growing, vigorous evergreen shrub with large glossy, deep green leaves. Unsheared plants produce a profusion of white blossoms in the spring, followed by dark blue berries. Evg. ALS - 25'T x 5'W.